About Us


Olympire's Values

Never Quit


Mission Statement
Olympire’s mission is to empower the athletic community to push harder and be better than they were yesterday, to create a community that supports, encourages, and challenges one another when faced with adversity.

Our Goal
Only when we get knocked down do we truly know our grit. It is moments like these that define us. Olympire’s goal is to bring the grit out in everyone and build a community that supports and encourages one another to achieve greatness.

Olympire is more than a brand; we want our customers to become part of a community. We do that by setting aside a few products you must earn the right to purchase. So what does that mean? We’re glad you asked. You must accomplish its specific challenge to have a product from our “earned” line. The challenges range from completing a marathon to doing community service; this is how we will achieve goals together and become a community.